Generic Non Pnp Monitor

Desktop Window Manager Has Stopped Working The Vostro that I have my eye on has Windows 7 whereas my current desktop has Vista. or says "Licensing for this product has stopped working," then you will need to Apply the Licensing Service. Iā€™m sure readers of this

Setting up Windows 7 Beta on a Pentium M ā€“ I checked Device Manager to see if anything else had to be fixed and received a clean bill of health, aside from multiple Generic non-PnP Monitor instances. Unfortunately, all is not well.

HELP! Laptop screen keeps turning black but not off! – Page 3 ā€“ it will also show the mysterious invisible Generic non-PnP Monitor. If I click on the non-PnP one, then properties, then I click on the driver tab, I will see the button that says disable. I would’ve.