Msvcr110.dll Is Missing Wamp Windows 7

Hi, I am using XAMPP for developing my Inventory management system. I have stored the XAMPP in Drive C in Windows. But there is a risk if windows corrupt I will lose all my data , So I want to save.

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How to install WAMP + fix for Error MSVCR110.dll is missing problemPosts by Atli – For one thing, the VALUES list is missing one value. The big question here is your table structures. You need to get those right before you start writing PHP code to insert into them. Can you show us.

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I’ve used phpinfo() and found the php.ini directory, Loaded Configuration File D:wampbinapacheapache2.2.22binphp.ini I’ve then edited the php.ini file from that directory and removed the.

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Hello i have formatted my pc with Windows 7 and installed wamp server. My local project doesnt work. I am familiar with the difference between mysql and mysqli? Do i need to install a most recent.

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I will soon start my project, but before that I need to set up my server my project is shopping website so I will need web server and database server for the custoerms.

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