My Pendrive Is Not Showing Any Data

How do i find my files on my mp3 player when they have mysteriously disappeared? – i have the same problem with my mp3 player. i have tested some data recovery programs and the "show hidden.

so I checked my pendrive with chkdsk in windows and voila, it’s readable again.

1) Go.

I have a 2GB pen drive. A virus seemed to have infected it, and when I used the pen drive on my PC.

If you face any problem while doing it, means that your pen drive is not working.

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Well, you would have been lucky if you had stored your important document somewhere else too — like a pen drive.

Retrieving data is not a simple task for any common man.

In the centre of the octagon there is a clear plastic domed window, showing.

a novelty pen drive I haven’t bothered to benchmark the it – being USB 2.0 is not going to break any records.

Serving this very purpose are OTG pen drives, or what can be better explained as On-The-Go pen drives. Such pen drives can be directly connected to any mobile device for data transfer purposes.

Be it on your PC, laptop, smartphone, camera or a simple pen drive.

any waste of time or money. If you cannot afford backups, or those who probably did not manage to backup their data on.

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They came to my office to buy a cable.

The lab reported files in pen drive did not match with contents in C-1 and C-6. This reveals digital data provided by Prashant Pandey to Digvijaya Singh.