Pen Drive Not Recognized

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I have not tried USB Pen drives on an e-Mac (or on any Mac for that matter.

And superdrive gone totally pearshape after working fine for months. Any ideas there? I have a similar problem on my.

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But, reality it’s hard as Tally is not available for Mac version.

It is recommended to have 30 GB, but more is always better. A Pen-drive of 4 GB or above. First of all, use the Boot Camp.

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Since few weeks couple of my pen drives don’t work on any of my USB Ports. Mouse and Keyboard is working, strange thing is that when.

Then reboot. [DO NOT put the usb keys in yet]. Open Device.

This process requires a second PC, downloading a new copy of Chrome OS, and creating a bootable flash drive.

absolutely do.

Edtech Surge: Western Digital sees high growth in storage devices – Others, like Byju’s, Extramarks and iDream Education, also offer tablets and pen drives with preloaded content.

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